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Welcome to the Educational Resources for National Geographic Greatest Photographs of the American West!

Here museum educators, teachers and students can explore the richness, beauty and dynamic culture of the American West. More than 180 photographs, 56 videos, and nearly 100 National Geographic Magazine article excerpts appear, along with dozens of links to other online resources.

You can explore this site by any of the four themes that are presented in the book and the exhibit, or by any of five topic categories: Science, Art and Culture, People, Geography, and Economy.

Sections designed for museum educators and teachers contain a wealth of compelling activities along with background information that will help you explore a host of issues and ideas regarding the American West.

You can also explore the Art of Photography through videos, articles and links to online resources to learn how photography has shaped the image of the West.

Finally, you can browse through all of the resources that are on this site. For each photograph, you can find articles, videos or other online resources giving background, context and further information that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the image.

Enjoy exploring the Greatest Photographs of the American West!